Sunday, April 26, 2009

Austin Coffee Shops

Tom's Austin Coffee Shop Rankings:

1. JP's Java - 2803 San Jacinto Blvd
  • good coffee selection, good roaster, good java
  • open late; until 1am M-Th & Su, and until 11pm Fr & Sa
  • chill atmosphere, good music
  • lots of study space
  • walking distance to UT campus
  • wi-fi sometimes unreliable
  • the HVAC is super loud sometimes

2. The Garden District - 2810 S Congress
  • reliable wi-fi after 5pm
  • balcony overlooks a nursery; nice view and sweet smells
  • nice owner and all girl staff ;)

3. The Flightpath Coffee House -
5011 Duval Street @ 51st
  • reliable wi-fi
  • chill study atmosphere; well-lit tables inside, no annoying music
  • hard to find a table or parking spot during peak hours
  • 3 mins from Tex Burger mmmm...

4. The Hideout Theater - 617 Congress
  • really supports local artists and displays their work
  • good downtown location
  • reliable wi-fi
  • seating not very cozy
  • there is some damn 'tinging' noise I always hear coming from the refrigerator

5. Halcyon - 218 W 4th St

  • two personalities; more traditional coffee house in the daytime, more 'club-ish' in the evenings
  • wi-fi unreliable
  • loud, often annoying music
  • good downtown location
  • you can cook smores over a candle on the table
  • kind of cool to tuck yourself into one of the couches, sit in the darkness and noise, and watch people partying along 4th street

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Aeree said...

they all look nice. I started to see more ppl sitting outside at the cafe recently. it's already summer in nyc!