Sunday, April 19, 2009

Britain's Got Talent!

First off, I know this is kind of old news, but Susan Boyle - amazing. Humanity needs these sorts of things.

Secondly, finals are drawing near! So far this semester my grades have been spending time of the borderline, but as of Monday I'm going into finals mode aka social deprivation status in an attempt to claim my rock star As. Shouldn't be too hard since I only know like two people in Austin.

One of those two people, my buddy Chris from Trinidad, came over Saturday and we changed the oil in our Subys. Man, I love using Wrenchy, the big socket wrench that came with my Craftsman tool set. Pretty sure that if Wrenchy could cook and take a good beating without squealing to the authorities I'd marry it.

Speaking of beatings, what's the deal with the Anderson Silva fight on Saturday night? Mr. Silva, dude, I love watching you fight, but don't act all whiny in the ring if the other guy isn't fighting like you want him to - just KILL HIM! What's so hard about that? Also, if you keep dancing during the fight you're going end up getting KO'd, my friend.

OK it's study time.

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