Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, at least the comments confirm who comes to this blog. I feel used.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Are You Here?

Since January 27th, there has been a significant increase in people coming to this blog. I'm just curious - what is it that people are searching for when they stumble up this site?

Also, for anyone interested in planes or becoming a pilot, check out my little brother's blog at www.the-pilots-log.blogspot.com!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The V's Compel Me

I'm not sure why, but there have been a ton of visitors to this blog recently. I had just about given up on it but I guess I'll start posting again, starting... NOW.

My school workload this semester is very light. I am enjoying 4 day weekends and hardly any homework, however all this free time is both a blessing and a curse. One thing I'm doing with my spare time is pursuing my dream of playing music at bars for money and recording a rock album with my brother (tomsrecordingrecords.blogspot.com). Unfortunately, I find myself neglecting the little schoolwork that I have and sleeping in way too late way too often. I have resolved to be more disciplined about this.

The musical projects are part of my architecture plan. While seeking advisement last year regarding what kind of person the architecture department is looking for, I was informed that one of the exceptional grad students had a background as a touring jazz musician. I was also advised to "just do what you love and you'll find yourself where you need to be." Well spoken.

Also on a side note, I have a really poor facial complexion and have suffered from mild chronic acne since high school. I tried everything and saw dermatologists but nothing ever helped much. That is, until I found The Acne Practice. This product has changed my life, and that is no overstatement. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from any level of chronic acne. It works, friends.