Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Transcript Problems

In the spring of 2005 I started taking college classes from the University of Maryland University College. I was stationed in Korea at the time, and because UMUC had a branch office on my base it seemed like the best of my few options. Though I have enjoyed a UMUC teacher or two, overall I have not been impressed with the school or it's faculty, and now they have almost screwed me out of attending UT by not mailing my transript.

Over the summer I paid UMUC to send transcripts to San Jacinto Community College in Houston. San Jac said they never received the transcripts and could not let me register. I paid UMUC to send them again, this time rush delivery. Once again, San Jac said they never received them. After weeks of dealing with both schools and no one wanting to take responsibility, San Jac finally let me register for classes based on a fax from UMUC. Now the same thing has happened with my UT application.

Long story short, I paid UMUC to send my transcripts, which they never did. Why? Because, quote the UMUC registrar's office, "I have no idea". The UT admissions office was not helpful either, and refused to give me any extension or accept a temporary unofficial transcript fax until the official one arrived. I ended up having to take off work, drive an hour to the UMUC student services center and have them hand over my transcripts, then pay for overnight mail delivery to UT. All to update one class on my transcript.


Aeree said...

That really sucks but I'm glad that everything turned out well at the end :-)

Matt said...

Wow, you have gotten a lot of miles at of old Geoff, I'm glad you kept the name, but I'm not sur if that's how its spelled.
Mattsy Hathorn

Tom said...

What up Matt! What have you been up to, friend? Also, wtf are you talking about?