Saturday, September 27, 2008

Internet Cafes

I am a huge proponent of Internet cafes. I used to spend countless hours in my basement doing homework, to the point that I felt like it was damaging my personal relationships. I bought a laptop to create some options as to when and where I could work on the computer, and it has been great! One of my favorite things to do is go with a friend (usually Aeree) to a coffee shop with Internet access and hang out. Drinking coffee or tea helps me focus on my work, plus I get to spend time with her. Here are some of my favorite free-Internet coffee shops in Maryland:

Mad City, Columbia - has that "indy" feel; nice staff; live local music weekends; within walking distance from my house!

Caribou Coffee, Crofton - more corporate but still cozy; delicious coffee; couches, though not especially comfortable

City Dock Coffee, Annapolis - within downtown Annapolis; near to lots of restaurants; not very comfortable furniture

Bread, Columbia Mall - tasty cheese & broccoli bread bowls; can be crowded; interior design is more towards that of a restaurant than an Internet cafe

City Cafe, Baltimore - lively cafe/bar/restaurant in downtown Baltimore. You can get unlimited refills on certain coffees and there is artwork for sale on the walls.

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