Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This morning the the pedal bar broke off my bike on the way to class. Because of this I didn't have time to get coffee and was falling asleep in class. During my next class I was informed that an event that I would really love to attend is going to be held at a time for which I have already made plans. At the gym, I realized after working out that I didn't put any protein in my protein shake, so all I had to recover with was a banana and some milky water. I had been suffering the intense heat and direct sunshine all day, but when I went out to the pool to tan it was overcast and windy. When I got home I stepped into the shower, only to have a piece of plastic from a broken towel rack stab me in the foot. I got out and called the haircut place - they were booked until close. I took some laundry to the dry cleaners to find it was also closed. On the way to the dry cleaners I met a girl from one of my classes who wanted to talk to me, but I didn't use the opportunity to seduce her. I can't download reading files from Blackboard, even though my teacher has assured me I can.

Today sucked donkey balls.

NO!! This morning I overcame a difficulty and made it to class on time, and saved a couple bucks by not buying coffee. I also answered 5/6 in-class quiz questions correctly. I went to the gym and didn't waste time lounging at the pool. I discovered that a cute girl is attracted to me, and she is not only in my class but lives on the same floor of my apartment complex. I also found out what time the dry cleaners and haircut places close, and I didn't spend any money eating out. I'm now the cafe with plenty of time to do some much needed reading on a subject I'm passionate about, architecture.

Today was good.

UT Architecture Tour: Waller Creek

Here are some images from today's campus walk-about. Richard Cleary is the professor leading our Campus Architecture & Planning summer course.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Courses at UT & Landscape Architecture

This summer I am taking four classes at UT. The first two, The Human Body and Campus Architecture & Planning, began at the beginning of this month and have been fun so far. I really need to make As in these classes in order to have a competitive GPA for grad school application, but it's tough to stay focused during the summer. After dropping a hint to my Dad, I now have a short-term incentive to make all As as well - a new camera! I made an A on the first test so we'll see how it goes.

I am now seriously leaning towards landscape architecture as my future profession. Ideally I would be accepted to the Master of Landscape Architecture program at UT for the fall of 2011, but I haven't even begun to assemble my application portfolio (in fact I don't even know when the deadline is). I need to get smart on both landscape architecture and the application process at UT if I want to stand a chance of getting into that program next year.

And you may have noticed I also updated this site ;)