Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall Semester 2009 Begins

This week I moved into my new apartment and started the fall semester at UT. My apartment held a few disappointments, such as finding that the quality of materials in the bathroom wasn't quite as nice as the model I was shown, and I don't have the view of the pool I was hoping for. Overall, however, it is rad. The floor plan, quality of materials & appliances, and general feel of the space is much improved over Woodmeade. The pool is really sweet, and my classes are just a 15 minute walk from my front door. My roommate seems decent as well.

My class schedule is a massive improvement over last semester's cluster f, which should allow me to start working out at the gym regularly. This semester I'm taking Masterworks of American Literature (E 316 K), Introduction to Astronomy (AST 301), History of the U.S. 1492-1865 (HIS 315 K), and World Architecture: Industrial Revolution-Present (ARC 318L).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Post-Summer Pre-Fall

Last week I finished my summer classes at ACC. I took 18 credit hours and ended with a 3.78 GPA, not too bad. I learned some good foundational skills in AutoCAD, welding, drawing, and painting. I have also been casually studying Spanish through a free online site called I figure that since many construction workers are Spanish speakers, knowing Spanish will be helpful in my architecture career.

Since finishing the summer classes, I have been staying with my Dad and brother in Montgomery. My brother and I have been working on recording a music album, which is coming along slowly. Today I will attempt to make a bookcase for my brother, my first real woodworking project since making a birdhouse in middleschool.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009