Friday, May 29, 2009

I Got Lasik

Had Lasik today at the office of Dr. Charles Moore. The actual procedure only lasted about 5-10 minutes but it was a little more intense than I was expecting. It felt like I was being experimented on by aliens. Then the aliens decided to slice the top layer of my eyeball off. It burned.

Good news is that now I can see like a hawk! I still have some scratchiness and discomfort in my eyes but that's supposed to go away pretty soon. I just hope I don't wake up blind tomorrow...

Why did I opt for this expensive procedures?

To prepare for the future.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey, Tom!

I have not been posting lately because I have been doing this.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It Is Raining

Took my second to last final exam today.
Walked from the bus stop in the pouring rain.
Texas weather is unpredictable.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Proper Public Bathroom Usage

After I'm done taking a wiz in a public bathroom, I do not immediately flush the toilet, because that would cause all kinds of urine molecules to burst from the urinal and fill the bathroom with an invisible piss cloud. Instead, I pull out the paper hand-drying towel from the dispenser, but I don't tear it off. I just leave it hanging there while I wash my hands with soap and scorching hot water, working quickly so that no one else flushes a toilet before I'm done. I leave the water running, and with my clean hands rip off the towel from the dispenser. I dry my hands, then use the towel to turn off the hot water in the sink, never allowing my skin to actually contact a bathroom surface. Then I use the towel again to flush the toilet, and quickly run to the door with the piss cloud expanding behind me, much like an explosion in an action movie. I use the towel a final time to open the bathroom door, and then, while holding the door ajar with my foot, throw the towel into the nearest trashcan and slip outside. Sometimes I hold my breath during this process.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wild Things


Also took my physics final today... not sure but I think I may have pulled it off. I'd say 3:1 odds that I got an A, and if so it will once again confirm what I've been saying all along - I am The Bomb.

Monday, May 11, 2009

UT Course Reviews

Well, finals are still left this week but the semester is basically over. Overall, it was a lot of hard work, a lot of sleep deprivation, and a lot of coffee, but I loved every minute of it. Here are my thoughts on the classes I took:

ANT301, Physical Anthropology with Professor Chris Kirk
This class about evolution was fun, enlightening, and I feel privileged to have taken it. Professor Kirk is freaking hilarious! There was no real homework other than studying for the exams, which were not too hard. I ended up making an 87 and would have made an A if I had studied a little harder for the second test. This is one of those classes that can change your outlook on life and help you understand who we are and why we act like we do.

ARC308, Architecture and Society with Larry Speck
Larry is a practicing architect and the former dean of UT's prestigious School of Architecture. He is also freaking hilarious. I can't really say enough about this class. It's great for anyone interested in architecture or building, or just wants to gain a better appreciation of the world we've created for ourselves. No homework other than studying for the tests and writing 3 papers. I got an A in this class, as should anyone else with decent writing skills.

GOV310L, American Government with Professor Edwards
I loved this course, though I could see how others might not be so into it. I plan to eventually be active in local politics, so I really tried to pay attention. I have also spent some time overseas in various countries, and when talk turned to politics I usually just shut up so as not to expose my political ignorance. I don't think I'll have that problem anymore. Professor Edwards is a little dry, but he has some kind of engaging old-school Vietnam protester aura that I really like. Plus he looks like Longshanks from Braveheart. No homework in this class except reading lots of newspaper articles, keeping up with current events, and reading the textbook. I got an A in this class but it wasn't exactly easy.

PHY302K, Physics with Professor Na Sai
Picture this: a donkey somehow acquires one of those golden 'grills' that rappers wear on their teeth. Then the donkey holds his teeth inside a furnace, heating up his grill until it is glowing a bright red. The donkey then proceeds to bite down on your ass - hard - and won't let go no matter how much you scream and struggle. Does that sound like something that might interest you? If so, take this class. OK, to be fair, this donkey did teach me quite a bit of about how our universe works, and for that I'm grateful. I'm also grateful that an 80 was an A in this class.

PHY102K, Lab for PHY302K w/ some random Asian grad student
The PHY302K's bastard mule child that kicks you in the balls once a week. I barely managed a B in this "class". I mean seriously, the quality of teaching in this class was pretty disrespectful. Also, the RLM building that this course was taught in is an architectural nightmare. It's layout is attrocious (i.e. the escalators take to you up to a certain level, the elevators take you to other floors, there are no bathrooms in the lobby, the corridors are disorientating, etc.) and it sets the tone for the class.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Game of Thrones


Not sure what I was thinking at the time (it was pretty late and I had been studying physics and drinking coffee all day) but I wrote an embarrassingly nerdy post about Game of Thrones... so I've deleted it. Sorry, it's bad enough that I have a blog, not ready to reach the next level of nerddrom. Suffice it to say, Game of Thrones is the first book in an awesome series that will soon be coming to HBO.

Moving on, after speaking with the former dean of UT's school of architecture, I have decided to shift my college plans. Instead of transferring into the undergraduate architecture program next fall and graduating with a BA in 2013ish, I will finish my BA in Asian studies in 2011. After that I will apply to the graduate architecture program at UT, which I should complete in 2014. I feel much better about this plan.

To stay focused on architecture while finishing my BA, I'm now minoring in architecture and am taking summer classes related to architecture. This summer I'll be taking welding, woodworking, and CAD courses at Austin Community College, and it's going to be sweet!