Thursday, May 7, 2009

Game of Thrones


Not sure what I was thinking at the time (it was pretty late and I had been studying physics and drinking coffee all day) but I wrote an embarrassingly nerdy post about Game of Thrones... so I've deleted it. Sorry, it's bad enough that I have a blog, not ready to reach the next level of nerddrom. Suffice it to say, Game of Thrones is the first book in an awesome series that will soon be coming to HBO.

Moving on, after speaking with the former dean of UT's school of architecture, I have decided to shift my college plans. Instead of transferring into the undergraduate architecture program next fall and graduating with a BA in 2013ish, I will finish my BA in Asian studies in 2011. After that I will apply to the graduate architecture program at UT, which I should complete in 2014. I feel much better about this plan.

To stay focused on architecture while finishing my BA, I'm now minoring in architecture and am taking summer classes related to architecture. This summer I'll be taking welding, woodworking, and CAD courses at Austin Community College, and it's going to be sweet!


Alicia said...

Ahhhh I wish I would have seen your embarrassingly nerdy comments about Game of Thrones before you deleted them ^ ^ John Snow is my fictional future husband (thats assuming he doesn't get killed off in the next book) j/k

Tom said...

I think he'll make it. I wouldn't mind seeing Cersei get killed though. Actually have you noticed that Cersei is basically the only true 'bad guy' left?