Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Garden District

Discussing masterworks of American literature with friends at a coffee shop is tops. In the process of snapping this pic, I thought I had set my camera to time delay, so after this was taken I quickly ran over to my seat and posed.

From left: Kyle w/ Style, Pirate Jeff, and Cameron (aka "the Clink")

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting Ripped at the UT Gym

I started working out at the gym last week. I tried to take it easy for those first few sessions, but I was still sore as hell for a week afterwards. It's pretty cool that I can easily walk from my apartment to the gym, which was a big reason I moved there. Another great thing about the gym is that there is a rock climbing area inside, which I play around on for 30 mins or so after each workout. My goal right now is just to keep up a good workout/diet regiment until Thanksgiving.

this is seriously the pool at the gym

no, I didn't take these pictures

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Expanding the Empire II

Just real quick before I pack up and head to Montgomery for the 3 Dizzy Weekizzee. I had an interview today for PROJECT xYz, and let's just say things could have gone better. First of all, I looked like a jackass after arriving late because I couldn't find the building, which was a bit outside of what I consider "the campus". Secondly, it was hot as balls out outside, and after finally finding the building I ended up meeting my interviewers while sweating like a glass of iced tea at a Texas BBQ. And yes, I said interviewerS, three lovely ladies who were well dressed and ready for business. My initial thought was that two of them were competing interviewees, at which point I considered that (A) this is bizarre (B) I've splashed into a pool of sharks, and (C) I am reeeaally underdressed (and no doubt undergroomed) for this.

Anyways it turned out that they were a team of interviewers, but I was still shaken up a bit. Afterall, you don't have too many job interviews while in the military. You're pretty much 'in' at that point. Stay tuned for more info on this mysterious PROJECT xYz.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CRIBS: MacDonald Manor

My new apartment at The Villas on Guadalupe is tight!
  • 15 minute walk to class. This makes it easy to run home if I forget something or need to blow mud, and hours less spent each week commuting on the bus.
  • Sweet location. Right on the drag, people, and it's just a 15 minute walk to JP's Java.
  • POOL!!! Dang our pool is tight! Everyday I tan at the pool while studying, go for a swim, then study some more in the jacuzzi. This is known as 'ballin.
  • More privacy. At Woodmeade, my bathroom was right out in the hall, my roommate had to walk past my door to get to her room, and our bedrooms shared a wall (...which made things a bit awkward at times). In my new apartment, I have my nice little bathroom within my room, and I'm separated from my roommate by the living area.
  • Internet. At Woodemeade, I sapped wifi from one of my neighbors'. This is the equivalent of reaching a very long, very thin straw into the thick internet milkshake of someone sitting in a booth 100 billion light years away. My new apartment boasts a constant stream of 100mb/s deliciousness, similar to an internet milkshake pulsar going supernova in your asshole.