Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CRIBS: MacDonald Manor

My new apartment at The Villas on Guadalupe is tight!
  • 15 minute walk to class. This makes it easy to run home if I forget something or need to blow mud, and hours less spent each week commuting on the bus.
  • Sweet location. Right on the drag, people, and it's just a 15 minute walk to JP's Java.
  • POOL!!! Dang our pool is tight! Everyday I tan at the pool while studying, go for a swim, then study some more in the jacuzzi. This is known as 'ballin.
  • More privacy. At Woodmeade, my bathroom was right out in the hall, my roommate had to walk past my door to get to her room, and our bedrooms shared a wall (...which made things a bit awkward at times). In my new apartment, I have my nice little bathroom within my room, and I'm separated from my roommate by the living area.
  • Internet. At Woodemeade, I sapped wifi from one of my neighbors'. This is the equivalent of reaching a very long, very thin straw into the thick internet milkshake of someone sitting in a booth 100 billion light years away. My new apartment boasts a constant stream of 100mb/s deliciousness, similar to an internet milkshake pulsar going supernova in your asshole.

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