Friday, September 4, 2009

Expanding the Empire II

Just real quick before I pack up and head to Montgomery for the 3 Dizzy Weekizzee. I had an interview today for PROJECT xYz, and let's just say things could have gone better. First of all, I looked like a jackass after arriving late because I couldn't find the building, which was a bit outside of what I consider "the campus". Secondly, it was hot as balls out outside, and after finally finding the building I ended up meeting my interviewers while sweating like a glass of iced tea at a Texas BBQ. And yes, I said interviewerS, three lovely ladies who were well dressed and ready for business. My initial thought was that two of them were competing interviewees, at which point I considered that (A) this is bizarre (B) I've splashed into a pool of sharks, and (C) I am reeeaally underdressed (and no doubt undergroomed) for this.

Anyways it turned out that they were a team of interviewers, but I was still shaken up a bit. Afterall, you don't have too many job interviews while in the military. You're pretty much 'in' at that point. Stay tuned for more info on this mysterious PROJECT xYz.

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