Thursday, September 25, 2008

College Application Submitted

Today I finished submitting my application to the University of Texas at Austin's Liberal Arts department. Unfortunately, I don't currently possess the academic background to get into the UT architecture department. Garrett Loontjer, a UT architecture admissions councilor, told me last semester that my best bet is to get accepted to another program at UT, then work with him to change majors once I arrive at the school. This seems dangerous, but I'm actually not too far from getting a degree in Asian Studies anyways so if worse comes to worse I'll still get a degree. Why go through all this trouble to get into UT's architecture program? Because it is one of the best architecture programs in the country, it is relatively cheap for Texas residents, and Austin is awesome! Here is my statement of purpose essay, personal essay, and college application resume. Remember these are geared towards acceptance into the Liberal Arts department.

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