Sunday, October 5, 2008


I really need to boost my drawing skills if I’m to be a good architect. I love drawing (which got me in plenty of trouble all throughout school, lol) but the military did a good job of repressing my creativity for six years. Looks like I get to make up some lost time! I especially love pen and ink drawings, so I plan to focus on that for a while. Today I’m going to talk to a friend who works at Michael’s to see if I can get a discount on some good pens.

Speaking of which, on Saturday I went with Aeree to a little crafts fair in downtown Annapolis. Most of the items for sale were just junk, but combing through one of the tables I found an awesome pen and ink newspaper courtroom drawing from 1873. I love the style and subtle use of color, and it is almost exactly how I want to be able to draw. How much did I pay for this treasure? Five dollars.

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