Sunday, October 19, 2008

Civic Inspection Time

I guess I never mentioned this in a post but last month I took Geoff to Mr. Tire for a state inspection. The car didn't pass on a number of items, but they told me that if I fixed the failed items and came back within a month they would reinspect it at no additional charge. Yesterday I replaced the torn tie rod boot, which was the last thing I had to do. In total, here's everything I've done to Geoff to get him inspection-ready:

  1. Done a few oil changes
  2. Replaced dome light bulb
  3. Replaced master brake cylinder
  4. Replaced passenger side axle assembly due to torn CV boot
  5. Re-bolted loose window track to door
  6. Sprayed silicon spray on window tracks for faster window operation/longevity of rubber
  7. Replaced rear passenger side wheel which was out of round
  8. Replaced cracked driver side taillight
  9. Replaced passenger side mirror and rear quarter panel window, which I broke
  10. Switched OEM wipers with Bosch wipers for clearer vision in inclement weather
  11. Replaced hood release cable
  12. Replaced back-up lights fuse
  13. Put on four Kuhmo tires
  14. Spliced in used OEM driver side headlight harness for proper power to headlight
  15. Replaced muffler (which had a breach in it from rusting) with '93 Civic DX 2dr Coupe muffler
  16. Replaced driver side inner tie rod boot - CAR PASSED INSPECTION AT THIS POINT
  17. (update) Replaced driver side outer tie rod
  18. (update) Replaced cracked climate control/radio bezel
  19. (update) Replaced clutch slave cylinder
  20. (update) Installed door speakers and CD player
  21. (update) Replaced right inner & outer tie rod
  22. (update) Got an alignment at Quality Car Care
  23. (update) Replaced starter


Aeree said...

You've done a great job ! Hope you pass the inspection this time :-)

Tom said...

Thanks Aeree, but I didn't end up passing the inspection. Mr. Weatherspoon, the mechanic who did my last inspection at Mr. Tire in Columbia, said that even though I had replaced the tie rod boot and there is now no visible leak, I had not replaced the entire rack and pinion like he said so the car wouldn't pass inspection. This turned out to be a moot point, because I had unwittingly surpassed the 1000 mile mark since my last inspection, so I would have to pay again. I'm going to go to another inspection place and we'll see what happens.