Monday, November 10, 2008

Dash Removal / Radio & Speaker Install

As previously mentioned, the bezel surround the radio and climate controls on the Civic was broken by a previous owner. I pulled another bezel out of a junked car ($10 at Crazy Rays), but it was all discolored and scratched. I repainted it with auto spray paint, and now it looks great! Unfortunately, I'll have to remove the entire dash to put it in, and I have to put it in before installing my new radio ~~

As a present to myself for getting my car to pass inspection, I bought a pair of Kenwood KFC-1651S Speakers, Kenwood KDC-MP208 stereo deck, and a wiring harness. With shipping it all together cost me $111.24 from and arrived within three days of placing the order, well packaged. For the install I'm going to follow some good looking instructions from this how-to guide on I plan to get a couple audio books to listen to on my long drive back to Texas in a week or so.


rogue780 said...

Hey buddy, wanna help me install my new radio? It'll be fun and you'll like it! I swear!

Tom said...

Sure but I've actually never done it before. Also... who are you? I'd feel uncertain about helping a stranger named 'Rogue' work with electrical systems.