Thursday, November 13, 2008


I tried installing my bezel today which required removing the entire dash. I ran into big problems with the car alarm system (once again, installed by a previous owner.) The wires were a rat's nest under the dash and spliced into various OEM wires. I didn't have time to properly fix it all before the auto shop closed, so I ended up having to throw the car back together and drive home without a working instrument panel.

The car alarm has been an ongoing problem. The battery in the remote would die after just of few days of me replacing it, and then I wouldn't be able to get into my car. I'd have to 'break in' to my own car while the alarm annoyed the whole neighborhood, then disconnect the battery to get it to turn off. After that I disconnected the alarm, but the wires are bulky under the dash and their mere existence irritates me. I've decided that I will just remove the car alarm from the Civic and either put it on my Subaru or sell it.

ALSO I have been losing pressure in my clutch, and today I found the leak under the boot surrounding the clutch slave cylinder. That should be a 1 hour, $30 fix.

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