Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Car Stereo In

I installed my new stereo and speakers in the Civic today. It took longer than it should have due to the remnants of the stereo system installed by a previous owner. There was some kind of wire routing box in the passenger side door that left me guessing, and aftermarket wires had been spliced & soldered into OEM wires, then snipped when the system was removed. I had to refer to a wiring schematic and it was just a pain. Anyways I got the speakers in, and although they were the cheapest Kenwood speakers I saw at they sound great and they're loud as hell!

Unfortunately there is still something wrong with the antenna - once again, previous owner - and I only get about 4 channels, including a Latino station and a Christian talk station. Also, there must be something missing in the area where the actual stereo sits in the dash. There's nothing to screw into to secure the stereo! Right now it's just sitting in there and is probably fine, but I don't like knowing that it's not right. Have to fix that later. I also finished removing the car alarm.

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