Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Smaller Cage

A Smaller Cage
by Tom MacDonald

the cat was stuck inside the room
he meowed for help within the gloom
but no one came to set him free
no savior bringing golden key

the cat contrived to fly the coop
by amassing lots of poop
a smell to signal passerbys
this was the plan he did devise

his master soon became aware
of such a reeking in the air
the cat was pleased to see his scheme
was working nicely, it would seem

but to the cat's utter chagrin
when Master finally burst in
it wasn't freedom that he brought
but a magazine, rolled and taught

Master took one look around
and saw the feces on the ground
he beat the cat with blinding rage
then put him in a smaller cage.

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Aeree said...

hahaha...poor cat!