Monday, February 16, 2009

Damn This Class

I am becoming very incensed with my physics class. After taking today's GOV301 test (which seemed to go pretty well) I rushed over to the physics classroom to find that 90% of the other students had left their classes early and were already working on their physics tests. After plowing through a gauntlet of knees and dirty tennis shoes I squirmed into one of the auditorium seats designed for Chinese elementary school kids and looked at the tree-scab in front of me. 19 problems that could reasonably take a well-studied examinee ~2 hours I was expected to complete in 50 minutes. Needless to say I barely got through 4 problems before the professor started forcing the class out of the auditorium to make room for the next class. This is some serious bulldiarrhea.


BogleBone said...

Sorry, can't help with Physics; however, I could help with uh.. well maybe i can't help with anything really. Good Luck with that. Oh and thanks for the google analytics idea.

Calvin said...

ohhh.... look at that Bogle... Tom is so cute when he is trying to comprehend physics.

Tom said...

i'm more dashing than cute. calvin, i've been learning a lot in my american government class and in few months i might actually be able to submit a competent post on your blog. cross your fingers!