Monday, February 9, 2009

Lil Update

Dang life's been busy! As mentioned in the previous post, after seeking the exceptional advice of Liberal Arts councilor Kelly Strait, I changed my classes at the end of the first week to those that better fit my goals and GI Bill requirements. I am now taking Architecture & Society, General Physics +Lab, Anthropology, and Government. I love all these classes and look forward to going school each day, so I often find myself walking around with a big dumbass smile on my face.

One thing that has surprised me about attending UT thus far is how freaking hard the classes are! Individually they are no problem and even physics comes pretty easily to me, but keeping up with the work in all five of them is nuts! I basically go to school, study, and sleep - and I don't even sleep that much.

I'm trying to figure out a rhythm though, and today I received a boost in confidence when my UMUC pre-calculus final grade came in - 95 baby!


Aeree said...

Good job, i'm happy for ya :-)

Tom said...