Saturday, February 21, 2009

Newton's Law of Embarassment

Well lucky for me, the class average for last week's physics test was around 35, so with the curve I ended up making a low C. I'm just going to have to shoot for a B in physics and make sure I get As in my other classes. Posting about my hardships in physics is getting pretty old, but I must mention one more thing that happened this week in lecture.

I was sitting in the front row of the lecture hall (aka hell's arena) thinking that I could soak up some extra understanding by being close to the Teach. An unused overhead projector on a desk between me and the teacher was blocking my view. I knew it had to be affecting other students as well, so - being the man of action that I am - I decided to do something about it. As the teacher wrote unintelligible symbols on the chalkboard and rambled on about god knows what, I got up and walked to the center of the floor to lower the projector. It wouldn't move. I tried harder, only to find that it resisted any force that I applied. I started trying to turn knobs, pop it with the palm of my hand in strategic locations, push, pull... no luck. At this point I was getting pretty frustrated and embarrassed, and involuntarily let out a furious curse under my breath.

Apparently the sounds made in the floor of a lecture hall carry, because from behind me I heard gasps/chuckles from around the auditorium and the teacher stopped her lecture and turned around. Giving me a look of both perplexity and horror, she calmly lowered the projector and I sat back down. From behind me the suppressed laughter and hushed comments continued. This wasn't the end of it though, because after the incident I realized that I had left my glasses and pencil by the projector. No way I was going back up there though, so I just brooded in my chair, blind and helpless for the rest of the lecture.

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ashelee said...

youre my hero. & i like your poem. not cat one, cat one is funny. i like the other one. youve been holding out on me~