Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Civic Hood Latch 2

Unbelievably, I got in the car yesterday to drive it to my Uncle's, only to find that it wouldn't start AGAIN. The starter seemed to be spinning fine but once again there was no fire. When I tried to open the hood and take a look at the ignition fuse, the hood release cable became detached from the hood release mechanism and I was unable to open the hood. The last time this happened it was a huge pita and I ended up having to get a new $22 cable. Once again, the car received one of my thorough verbal assaults.

Luckily, my dad figured out that by wedging the hood open a bit you can access the two bolts that hold in the hood release mechanism. I really wish I had realized this the first time this problem occurred \_/. Anyways, once the hood was open I took the release mechanism out to fix it once and for all (here for pics). Also, the car just decided to start working again without me doing anything to it. Starts right up now! ...what??


BogleBone said...

You have the worst luck with cars..maybe a '09 truck would work better.

Tom said...

haha, you're probably right. but i hear having a crappy car builds character! i have so much character now it's ridic

BogleBone said...

How needs character... having no character builds character.