Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DIY Pantry Project

Student housing in Austin's West Campus area is characteristically overpriced and undersized. The kitchen/dining room/living room of my condo, however, is almost comically tiny. Exacerbating space issues in the kitchen is the lack of a pantry and convenient storage areas. Thus I am making a small pantry which is sized to fit into a space between the wall and water heater.

I bought my saw off craigslist.com and the lumber from Lowes

I used thin wood runners for the shelf supports, but if I did it again I might just buy metal supports to save time.

I may box in that water heater with 1/8" plywood.

One of my neighbors happened to be throwing out this entertainment center thing, so I was able to salvage some free drawer runners. Score!

Paint primer

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