Monday, December 6, 2010


On Saturday I attended my college graduation ceremony. I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in East Asian Studies and a minor in Architecture. Instead of writing about what I enjoyed or regret about my two-year experience at the University of Texas at Austin, I'd rather write about my future plans. Some things I'm thinking about doing in the coming year include:

1. Learning German
2. Taking a cross-country motorcycle trip to visit friends and experience my country
3. Living overseas for three months
4. Transforming my father's attic storage into a guest room and art studio
5. Recording a music album
6. Continuing my education through a book list
7. Producing an art collection
8. Creating an investment strategy... I'm considering silver or fine art

Also, my dad gave me a MacBook Pro as a graduation present, which I'm loving (right now, in fact)

I'm still trying to think up a name for her...

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