Monday, March 30, 2009

Keep Austin Spicy

I am always on the lookout for cheap/free food, so I jumped at the chance to acquire $5 all-you-can eat food at the Keep Austin Spicy food festival last weekend. I was sadly disappointed. Here's how the website advertised the event~

KEEP AUSTIN SPICY! Asian Food Festival will provide a wide variety of entertainment all through the day while you sample all the delicious selections at the Tamarind Food Court.

Tickets for Keep Austin Spicy Festival are on sale NOW!

Enjoy your day of SPICY goodness for only $5! You may purchase your tickets at the event. Cash only!

So stupid me, I assumed that there would be 50+ vendors handing out free samples of flaming hot tamales in promotion of their restaurants. Wrong. After paying the $5 to get in, I was then required to buy 'food tickets' to pay for food. There were probably less than 20 vendors at the entire event, and it didn't seem like I was paying much less than what I would have paid at the restaurants for their mediocre food. Also, nothing was spicy! This is Texas, and if you advertise something as "spicy" you had damn well better provide some jalapeno chili or something, not Thai bubble tea. When I got back home, pissed off and poorer, I combed through the event website (which was far classier than the actual event, btw) and found that it did in one area mention the 'food tickets'. Overall I still feel scammed.

In other news, I'm submitting my application to the UT Summer Academy of Architecture today, and hopefully I'll be accepted. I am doing well in my Architecture & Society class and my teacher recommended me to someone involved in the summer program's orchestration. I'm also throwing into the application a drawing of one of my favorite cafes, Sugarcubed in Montgomery, TX. Check them out if you get the chance!

Sugarcubed off highway 105 in Montgomery, TX

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