Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey Cat, You're on My Stuff Again

What is with this cat? He always wants to lay right on my crap, wrinkling my homework, obstructing the use of my laptop keyboard, and turning my cotton hoodie into something that PITA members are going to throw paint on. He also has this thing for my pink eraser (movie to come).

*Note my pink eraser clenched in his phalanges

In infinitely more important news, academic clutch time is upon me. My grades have not been outstanding so far this semester, more like average. That's not going to cut it. I need to make at least a 95 on my next government and anthropology tests, a 90 on my architecture and society paper, and As on all my physics homework from here on out. If I don't meet these goals, then I am going to be in a very scary situation when I try to apply to the School of Architecture next fall. I don't intend to put myself in the position.

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