Monday, October 19, 2009

In the Case of Architecture

After not being accepted for the student blogger project at UT, I got kind of pissed and almost gave up on blogging. Very few people view this site, and I've often considered that it is merely a time-wasting narcissistic endeavor. Instead of throwing it all away, however, I decided to just refocus on my original purpose in creating this site: chronicling my path to becoming an architect.

So in regards to that, my current situation is that I am halfway through ARC 318 L, a course broadly surveying architecture since a little before the Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, I haven't devoted all my energies to this course and am not doing especially well, but hopefully things will improve from here on out. Well, right after this nap anyways...

In this class we write short response papers to weekly readings, which I will start posting regularly. I am also just beginning our big research assignment tonight and have to turn in the proposal statement paper tomorrow. I've decided to research something related to the architecture of South Korea, a country in which I lived for two years while in the Air Force.

Response to Frank Lloyd Wright's 1908 Article, "In the Case of Architecture"

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