Thursday, April 12, 2012

Accepted to PennDesign

Yesterday I confirmed my acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania's three-year Master of Landscape Architecture program.  I travelled to Philadelphia last week and attended Penn's open house, and was very impressed by the faculty and organization of the program.  Although I am sad at the prospect of leaving my beloved Austin, I am excited to study under the likes of James Corner, Laurie Olin, Anuradha Mathur, and others.  Arriving at this point has been one of the great journeys and challenges of my life, and has involved more than a little stress, anxiety, and sacrifice.  It is my intention to revamp this website in order to better document my future experiences in landscape architecture, and I am also working on a video series entitled "Gaining Acceptance to Top MLA Programs".

"The best is yet to come." - Sinatra

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MRI said...

Congratulations and good luck at UPenn :)